Mal dit eget kridt tavle

Mal din egen kridttavle med Autentico kalkmaling

PAINT YOUR OWN CRAWL BOARD WITH AUTENTICO LIMIT PAINT One asked me if one can use both types of Autentico chalk paint, Vintage and Versanten, for a chalk board. Yes, you can use both versions of Autentico whitewash. I heel myself to the Versanten, which is a washable version, see here how you do it and the secret is in really just aa little chalkboard chalk for the finishing of your chalkboard: • Paint your item in the desired color • Run plain chalk on the flat part over the place that should be the chalk board • Wipe with a dry cloth, then you have a nice chalk board that you can use and wipe with a wet cloth • If it needs a new surface with chalk, just give it back on the flat part with an ordinary chalk board and wipe it off again • In this way you can achieve the old-fashioned look of a chalk board with Autentico chalk paint. The large door / chalk board at PIpi Antik is painted with the Vintage version, but it has also just been given chalk board lengthwise, as a final treatment before I took it into use. Have fun Regards PIPI ANTIK Johanne Lund Eriksen

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