Holmberg – Sweden – Teak træ skål Ø19×12 cm

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Holmberg – Sweden – Teak træ skål Ø19×12 cm:

Karl Holmberg AB – Götene Sweden

Karl Holmberg in Götene, Sweden started a furniture manufacturing company in the beginning of the 1920s. The company made exclusively furniture by order from larger companies or shops such as Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm.  The company slowly grew in the following 30 years and had about 20 employees by the 1950s. Karl Holmberg’s sons took over the company and the older brother Karl-Erik would later become majority owner.

In the beginning of the 1950s, the company’s production was completely restructured and all focus was put on objects made out of teak. The company started making everything for the home, except for furniture, but mainly trays and bowls.The company also launched its own cutlery series in the 1960s.

Karl Holmberg in Götene would in time become Scandinavia’s largest company making teak objects and had close to 100 employees by the mid 1960s. Teak however quickly feel out of fashion in the end of the 1960s and even trials with stained wooden items were made. The company couldn’t adapt and went bankrupt in 1973. Items by Karl Holmberg in Götene are recognized by a burned stamp or sticker.

Objects are marked Karl Holmberg AB Äkta Teak Götene Sweden.


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